Healthcare Transformation

Mission-focused support to raise the bar in healthcare


Healthcare Transformation

Mission-focused support to raise the bar in healthcare

ERPi serves the public health, healthcare delivery and clinical and scientific research missions of Federal agencies by delivering high performing project management, business transformation, performance improvement, data analysis, operations, and information technology services to clients.

Environment of Care

  • Quality, Safety & Value
  • Acquisition
  • Logistics & Logistics Systems
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Training

Clinical Programs

  • Primary Care Services
  • Specialty Care Services
  • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
  • Social Work
  • Nursing
  • Discovery and Education
  • Patient Advocacy & Experience
  • Clinical Process Improvement
  • Program Evaluation

Policy and Regulation

  • Congressional/GAO Relations
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Governance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Program Integrity
  • Health System Planning
  • Organizational Excellence

Health Plans and Finance

  • Community Networks
  • Value Based Care
  • Human Resources Support
  • Research & Development Support
  • Management & Operations
  • Internal Controls
  • Health Informatics

We are over 240 client service professionals, with healthcare and research experience and credentials that include: nursing, clinical psychology, social work, public health, clinical research, research administration, clinical informatics and data sciences, health communications, training, health information technology, and healthcare finance and administration.

We deliver CAM, a system perspective (policy, process, human capital, and technology), and rigorous analysis to help our clients address their healthcare challenges.

We put our client’s priorities and mission first to ensure project success.

We see processes as the lifeblood that ties together people, process, and technology. Our program planning and program management office (PMO) approach applies uniform commercial methods, services, technologies, and tools to meet client-specific requirements. We address both the technical and organizational challenges facing our clients to support broad business transformation. We ensure that all stakeholders are informed, engaged, and have an intimate understanding of the benefits that change will bring.