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Modernization + Workforce Management

For VHA’s Office of Healthcare Transformation (OHT), ERPi is the lead contractor supporting the Modernization effort. By designing and executing a VHA Modernization plan—including business process evaluation, reengineering of key functions, and significant change management activities—ERPi is helping to drive improvement from the top of the organization to the bottom, create a streamlined organization, simplify decision making, reengineer business processes, and enhance authority and accountability while reducing variability. 

VHA Modernization consists of multiple parallel efforts that aim to develop a clinically led, outcome-focused, and technology-enabled healthcare system. ERPi provides program management support to OHT in transforming VHA’s Central Office organizational structure from one that is complex with functional overlaps and duplication to a streamlined design that facilitates integration and coordination and enables greater flexibility for healthcare networks to meet the needs of their Veteran populations. We have begun to put the new organizational design into practice—ERPi helped VHA Workforce Management and Consulting (WMC) realign disparate VHACO HR offices (VHA Member Services, Veterans Service Center, and OCC-Workforce Management) into one unified central office human resources organization.

ERPi used its understanding of customer issues, project management, process improvement, change management, and communications skills to align nearly 1,000 VHA HR staff under one new organization and identify more than 50 areas of efficiencies to support VHA’s HR modernization efforts. We are now applying our knowledge of VHA human resources to help WMC realign HR services, from individual units based in VA medical centers to shared services managed at the Network level. Throughout VHA’s Modernization efforts, ERPi provides communications support; this entails the development of strategic communications plans and products, including fact sheets, FAQs, talking points, EIC messages, VA Pulse and other website content, blogs, podcast scripts, presentations, and correspondence to leadership and VAMC staff.


Why This Work Matters

VHA is one of the country’s largest and most complex organizations, with 1,600 care sites across 50 states, currently staffed by over 300,000 employees who cared for over 9 million Veterans last year. Modernization of VHA’s organization is crucial to ensuring Veterans receive high-quality health care that is responsive to their needs. VHA networks and Medical Centers are overburdened with contradictory policy guidance, duplicate requests, and unclear decision-making authority, which leads to operational delays and program mandates without associated funding. ERPi has partnered with VHA to build a structure that enables us to better serve frontline staff and Veterans, allowing VHA to deliver safe, high-quality, and timely care.


Making a Difference

ERPi, with its network of senior commercial healthcare experts, has helped VA understand organizational trends within the health systems industry. We have plotted higher-quality care, improved access, and a better experience for Veterans through changes to organizational structure, to governance and decision making, to leadership accountability, to operations and clinical integration, to the learning organization, and to supporting data and tools.

In addition, ERPi program and project managers help manage and integrate VHA’s largest initiatives to chart the course for VHA’s transformation. This effort satisfies GAO requirements to remove VHA from the GAO High Risk List and supports development of an integrated high-reliability healthcare system.