ERPi Attends Campaign for Inclusive Care

ERPi Attends Campaign for Inclusive Care

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ERPi Attends Campaign for Inclusive Care


Our VEO team (Veterans Experience Office) is privileged to support the Veterans Experience Office (VEO), a Veterans Affairs (VA) office dedicated to Veteran customer service and well-being, including their Families, Caregivers and Survivors. VEO partners with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF), an organization founded by Senator Elizabeth Dole, who is a devoted Caregiver to her Veteran husband, Senator Bob Dole. EDF’s mission is to empower, support and honor our nation’s military Caregivers and Families. Both EDF and VA launched the Campaign for Inclusive Care last Friday, January 31, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, sponsored by USAA. ERPi was there to witness the kickoff along with Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Dr. Lynda C. Davis, NBC News Medical Correspondent, Dr. John Torres, top VA clinicians, experts, Caregivers, and Senator Elizabeth Dole herself.

The Campaign for Inclusive Care is a national initiative to integrate Caregivers into their Veteran’s healthcare team, empowering them with the tools and resources they need to provide the best care possible for the Veteran(s) they assist. Millions of Veterans receive care through the VA health care system annually and many are accompanied by their Caregivers who play a vital role in their overall physical and mental health.

Senator Elizabeth Dole unveiled the Campaign for Inclusive Care Academy at the event, a series of virtual tutorials designed to provide VA personnel important guidance on including Caregivers in Veterans’ health care teams. The Academy will be piloted by VA providers across three Veteran Integrated Service networks (VISNs) in the Midwest, Texas and the Pacific Northwest. The three VISNs were represented at the Academy’s launch. After the pilot phase, the Foundation and VA will begin to expand the Academy to VA staff nationwide. By giving providers the tools and training they need to include Caregivers as part of the care team, the Campaign is making inclusive care the standard of care across the Veterans Health Administration.

The Campaign was based on numerous quality health care studies, including a team of experts from Duke University and UT Health San Antonio. The studies determined that including Caregivers in their Veterans’ health care teams was one of the most significant ways to improve the Veteran Caregiver experience. You can read the full study here.

ERPi is honored to support VEO and EDF in their efforts to provide exceptional customer service to Veterans, Families, Caregivers and Survivors. From helping with the Federal Advisory Committee that advises the Secretary of VA on all matters related to Veterans’ Families, Caregivers, and survivors across all generations, relationships and Veterans status, to launching pilot programs that explore alternatives to institutionalized care through community partnerships, ERPi is helping Veterans and those they love receive the care, support and compassion they not only deserve but desperately need.

“The concept behind the Campaign is simple, but our vision for where it will take us is groundbreaking. By equipping VA medical personnel with the latest strategies for integrating Caregivers, we will create a model for care in VA that will one day serve as the new standard for every health system nationwide.”

– Senator Elizabeth Dole

Read more about the Campaign for Inclusive Care and the impact it has on Veterans, their Families and Caregivers here.

Maggie Walsh
Senior Consultant