Reflections On Change

Reflections On Change

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Reflections On Change


Change is the only constant in life.

– Greek Philosopher Heraclitus

Reflections on Change

As I watch the leaves turn, knowing the year’s end is approaching quickly, I find myself reflecting on the changes I’ve made this year and changes I will make in 2020. It seems more disruptive changes are coming more quickly each year, and they are. Experts tell us the pace of change is accelerating. How we manage ever more rapid change in our personal and professional lives will continue to influence our effectiveness and wellbeing. Change impacts all of us at ERPi and the clients we serve.

Because our clients tackle big challenges, ERPi is investing in staff to prepare us to lead change, to help drive our clients in positive directions.  Effective change management, mastering the people side of change, is a key factor in project success. Several of us − project managers, consultants, change managers, communications experts, senior management − have had the opportunity to become certified in ProSci® change management methodology ERPi consultants recently participated in teambuilding which focused on change management. After our ERPi colleague and change management expert, Tess Esola, provided an overview of change management, we worked with our project teams to identify how we can enhance our client delivery and management through application of these principles.

Tess explained we need to let go of something in order to make a change. ERPi President Bill Hummel noted sometimes that means taking something off our plates in order to do the next required thing. Other times it may involve letting go of an attachment in order to grow professionally or personally. It could mean redefining what our mission is or who we are.

ERPi leadership recognizes change can be stressful for all of us, so our Wellness Enterprise team provides activities and events to help relieve stress and enhance wellbeing among staff. Taking a massage break, playing flag football or sipping the latest kombucha at headquarters − there’s something for everyone. Our fall Wellness Fair brought puppies to cuddle, yoga, flu shots, Reiki, frozen yogurt and more to our workplace.

Whether in our work or personal lives, some changes are thrust upon us and others we go after – eyes and arms open into the future we are seeking. All changes involve a decision to make or embrace the change. As the year comes to a close, you may want to consider changes you are facing. What will you let go of? How will you manage change in 2020?

Sima Michaels Dembo
Executive Consultant