ERPi Makes Wellness A Priority

ERPi Makes Wellness A Priority All Year Round

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ERPi Makes Wellness A Priority All Year Round


It has been over a year since the ERPi’s Wellness Enterprise (W.E.) was introduced as a Corporate Initiative. Since that time, W.E. has made an impactful difference promoting employee wellness and well-being. From providing regular meditation and massage sessions to fun intramural sports leagues to a corporate-wide Wellness Fair, W.E. takes mental, physical and emotional health seriously.

In the next few months, W.E. will launch a fitness challenge that will encourage employees to use a new gym benefit that the firm has just implemented and meet their fitness goals, not just as a new year’s resolution, but all year long.

ERPi also has many team members who love to run at all levels. W.E. has also launched a running club that meets at different ERPi work locations, including Headquarters at Fairfax and downtown DC.

W.E. is also committed to intramural co-ed sports designed for all ages. From football to dodgeball, the W.E. encourages team members to participate in our fun, non-competitive (okay, a little competitive) sports league.

At ERPi, fitness is important all year long.

Maggie Walsh
Senior Consultant