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Our Culture

Life at ERPi is all about collaboration. We work hard to provide a culture where employees are encouraged to grow and take their ideas and turn them into solutions.  Each year, we ask our employees to bring their game-changing ideas to improve the firm’s culture and how we operate.  Below are some of the most impactful initiatives that we’ve implemented into our day to day culture.


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

The D&I Corporate Initiative’s overarching goal is to cultivate a strong sense of inclusion, promote diversity, and strengthen the ERPi community overall.

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Wellness Enterprise (W.E.)

W.E. is a corporate initiative that promotes total wellness for all ERPi employees. The W.E. team coordinates a variety of sustainable wellness events and programs throughout the year that are aligned to five major categories: behavioral, social, financial, community and physical. W.E. supports ERPi’s CAM principles and partners with external health & wellness organizations to develop impactful programs that contribute to the overall well-being of our employees.


Empower Her

Empower Her is a corporate initiative that builds networks and addresses challenges women face during their careers, giving them additional tools and resources to grow professionally. 

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Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL)

Our Rapid Prototyping Lab is ERPI’s organization for bringing new technologies and innovations to the Federal market.

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Our culture is built on collaboration, opportunity and inclusion. ERPiConnect is a unique social program that aims to create platforms for our teams to join together to discuss opportunities, new ideas and a way to help build relationships between leadership & employees.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Through our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we have channeled our passion for serving others and have been able to make a tangible impact on the community.

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Collaborative Advisory Method

Defines our values, providing the foundation for our culture.

These competencies come from our values and underpin the way we deliver consulting services to clients.


ERPi’s proprietary consulting methodology, called the Collaborative Advisory Methodology (CAM), delivers transformation and business results for our clients and helps them achieve the most challenging missions of the Federal Government through six elements:

  • Serve Others 
  • Listen for Understanding 
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Analyze for Solutions
  • Communicate for Action 
  • Achieve Results 


We deliver CAM, a systems perspective (policy, process, human capital and technology) and rigorous analysis to help our clients solve complex challenges and create opportunities to invite an extensive range of stakeholders and perspectives into the process to co-create solutions.

Our skilled consultants bring technical expertise and industry experience, but not all the answers; they listen to our clients and tailor solutions to their unique business situation; they are driven by the desire to serve the missions of our clients, and help clients identify creative, sustainable solutions to their problems.

Above all, everyone at ERPi, no matter what role, level or tenure with the firm, wants to be a part of a firm that exists to serve others – clients, colleagues, teaming partners, and our community.

Corporate Leadership
Chris Jones
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Bill Hummel
Vice President of Corporate Development
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Chris Meyer
Vice President of Growth and Innovation
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Bill Ryan
Vice President of Finance
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Stacey Donald
Associate Vice President for Business Development
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Deborah Carl
Associate Vice President of Human Capital and Administration
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Market Leadership
Peter Erwin
Vice President, Healthcare Transformation
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Paul Galley
Vice President of Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
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Greg Jacobson
Vice President, Army, Veterans Affairs Central Office and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
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Tom Lapato
Vice President, Veterans Affairs
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Asad Akhtar
Associate Vice President, Defense Account
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Diane Rickman
Associate Vice President, Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
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